Smalltalk ─ März 2014 Veni Vedi Vici


Smalltalk mit Nicolas von Veni Vedi Vici aus Châteauroux, Frankreich.

Please introduce yourself…

My name is Nicolas Lherpiniere-Salerno, i’m French, and i created the label Veni Vedi Vici in 2004.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Inspiration comes from all around me. As ardent current events, or music that i listen to, people i meet, books that i read, exhibitions i see …

Do you work alone or do you collaborate with others? Any collaborations planned?

I work alone most of the time. But i m not against a good collab‘. At the moment i work on a collab‘ with a talented artist.

How important is music while working on new stuff?

The music has an important place in the creative process. It stimulates you.

What music is playing right now?

„Ocean Of Noise“ by Arcade Fire

Name a current „anti-trend“.

All which is excessively consumed becomes anti trend.

Great labels we should know about?

Das Monk, MAMAMA, Qhuit, Olow, P.A.M., Études, Sixpack, Forty Ounce, Freshjive. Unfortunatly i’m afraid that Freshjive doesn’t exist anymore.

Great blogs we should visit?

Foggy Girl Club, Grafitee, Desillusion, Das Monk, fuck you very much

Your bestseller?


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