Smalltalk ─ Februar 2014 The Good Union


Smalltalk mit James Bailey von The Good Union aus Carrollton (Texas), USA.

Please introduce yourself…

My name is James Bailey. I am the founder of a clothing brand called The Good Union. I am originally from Chicago, but I now reside in Carrollton Texas. I have been running & operating The Good Union for over a year now.

Where do you get your inspiration?

I sometimes get my inspiration from visiting old antique/vintage stores in my local area. Or I may see a certain industrial piece when I’m out & about during my day that may spark a creative idea for a design.

Do you work alone or do you collaborate with others? Any collaborations planned?

I currently work alone on the creative/designing side of the business. But my wife has been a tremoudous asset to overseeing the administrative & small details of the daily business needs. No collaborations currently planned.

How important is music while working on new stuff?

I love music. But honestly it’s not an important apsect to my design process. The reason being is my creative process works the exact oppostite. I may play around with a concept for months in my mind from ideas sparked by the various things or creative items I’ve seen through out that timeframe. So once I am ready to design I tend to be so focused on every small detail of getting design right until I have to drown out every distraction from around me.

What music is playing right now?

No music is currently playing @ this time.

Name a current „anti-trend“.

I’m not sure if this is a anti-trend or not. But I’m noticing more designers are creating products that are raw in it’s appeal. It seems they design out of their personality rather than for the masses or the hottest trend @ the moment.

Great labels we should know about?

Great labels to check out: Peter Nappi, Stock & Barrell, Bradley Mountain & Hard Graft

Great blogs we should visit?

A Continuous Lean, Rawr Denim & Map Magazine – The weekend edition

Your bestseller?

My current bestseller is the U S A hand letterpress tee.


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