Smalltalk ─ März 2015 Fastplant


Smalltalk mit Robin Harrison von Fastplant aus Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK.

Please introduce yourself…

Hello I am Robin 24 years young and (former owner of Ourkid Apparel) proud owner of Fastplant a DIY independent Skateboard brand based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Fastplant has been going since late Nov of 2014.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Not looking at current trends ha. I like to do my own thing, studying Art & Graphics for 8 years and Screenprinting for 5 has been a big influence of how I work. I love Art especially Art which has a bit of a dark side to it with some humour such as Jake & Dino Chapman, Neckface or Give up. Also at the moment Russian Prison Tattoos. Of course skateboarding and music. Old punk artwork from the 80’s gives me a lot of inspiration. The way that it was DIY and the movement spread by word of mouth and cut & paste flyers and zines, I find amazing.

Do you work alone or do you collaborate with others? Any collaborations planned?

I normally do work alone yes. Sketching in my room or outside somewhere if something catches my eye. But there has been a few collaborations talked about. One I would be very happy if it went ahead would be with my friends brand called Hopeless Youth based out of Manchester. I´ve done bits of work of them before, so it would be good to see what our two brands could come up with.  

How important is music while working on new stuff?

Very I would say. Just something about drawing with music on works.

What music is playing right now?

Its 9am I normally have BBC 6 Music on, but today I´ve got Bad Brains „I against“ I playing.

Name a current „anti-trend“.

I don’t understand this whole House music subculture thing. Don’t get me wrong, I like some house music, but I don’t get the trend behind it, Tight rolled up jean with Nike airs, T-shirts which look like a dress and a top knot thing and that shuffle dance. I just don’t understand it.

Great labels we should know about?

Brixton, Pass~Port and Come Sundown. They are my three fav’s at the moment just creating a good style and artwork they way they want to.

Great blogs we should visit?

Fastplant, Come Sundown, The Blackmail, Cameron Locklee, Marcus Dixon, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Give Up

Your bestseller?

At the moment it has been our Palm Reader, also Our Pool Side.


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