Smalltalk ─ Februar 2013 Coffee and Cigarettes Clothing Co.


Smalltalk mit Adam von Coffee and Cigarettes Clothing Co. aus San Francisco, CA.

Please introduce yourself…

My name is Adam and I run Coffee & Cigarettes Clothing Co. Where I’m based out of has shifted over the past year a few times, but I’ve always stayed in the San Francisco Bay Area. I first started C&C in the fall of 2011.

Where do you get your inspiration?

I started by looking to punk music scenes and skating culture to get inspiration, but lately inspiration comes from so many different places. Maybe this sounds silly, but a lot of my inspiration comes from a reaction to some things in life that I’m dissatisfied with; a punk view of life sort of thing. Somehow this culminates with dark imagery, women, upside down crosses, flowers, and drug-related shit.

Do you work alone or do you collaborate with others?Any collaborations planned?

Always collaborating. I’ve collaborated with a few really rad designers like, OHBIRD and Ed Zipco. My favorite collaborations are always with one of my close friends, Deena Freel. We jive really well, she always has a good understanding of the sort of things I’m into, and she’s fucking great to work with. Her portfolio is available here, for the curious.

How important is music while working on new stuff?

Haha, goddamn. So important. I feel like the aesthetic that I’m into fits in with a certain scene of music, usually a mix of punk and indie shit. It’s a bit hard to describe, but it’s this sort of culture that embraces art, questions everything, isn’t afraid of being rough around the edges and always tries to evolve. Drugs, beer, and cut off jean shorts seem to be involved too. There’s a very specific sort of mindset that comes along with this sort of scene—very „fuck it, I’ll do my own thing.“

What music is playing right now?

Nice question. „Bullshit Stories“ by Lee Corey Oswald from their new split with Three Man Cannon. Stream It.

Name a current „anti-trend“.

There’s this writing style called alt lit that seems pretty anti trend. It basically ignores every convention of contemporary writing ever. It’s like poetry on a dangerous amount of drugs.

Great labels we should know about?

Dark Arts Doom Crew encompasses a ton of rad labels. I also really like Forty Ounce Clothing but I could never afford any of their shit.

Great blogs we should visit? And for sure. These days I’m not too current with blogs, just because I don’t have much time for them any more. Kind of a bummer, but kind of nice to not be aware of what all the kids are into and just try to develop my own shit.

Your bestseller?

Strange Flowers (designed by Deena Freel)


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